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ABOUT ME | My name is Christopher. I believe in creating.


Unlike other artists, I went to school for International Business and Finance  with an emphasis on marketing and economics. Because of this, my work exists at the intersection of art and commerce.

MY WORK | I am an internationally collected fine artist, with clients on three continents. My work has been published more than a dozen times, being called the “most exciting and original contemporary art being made in Denver right now”.

MISSION AND CHARITABLE GIVING | I maintain a robust program of charitable donations.


My philanthropic foci are the environment and sustainability, queer youth organizations, and empowering marginalized peoples. If your organization aligns with this mission, I encourage you to reach out via the contact form.   


METHOD | Powerful art provokes, challenges, and questions everything. That's what Art is War means.


My method is rigorous, disciplined, and philosophically inclined. Owners and collectors find new and interesting dialogues every time they view their piece and often comment on the transient nature of the forms, colors, and textures.


I begin every project with a thesis which underpins the work and examines the origin and impact of it. I call this process IDEOGENESIS. Subsequent steps in the process include digital visualization, sketches, and revision. When I'm satisfied with the execution of a concept, I begin the process of creating finished work.

I welcome your commission inquiries but do not work on deadline.