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ABOUT ME | My name is Christopher La Fleur. I’m a queertrepreneur, cultural event planner and visual fine artist living and working in Denver, CO. 


Five years ago, I founded my small business, Christopher La Fleur ARTS. In spite of the headwinds against queertrepreneurs in the marketplace, and against the well-intentioned advice of my family and friends, I decided to give it a stab.


I lit my very first painting on fire in a fireplace. I found it quite cathartic to watch my work burn. Two months later, I sold my first painting—a large 48” x 60” piece—for just $300.00. 


Since then, my business has grown to accommodate product lines featuring my original artwork and more than 800 clients on three continents. 


I produce more than 40 events per year and more than 700 works of art have flown out of my studios. My work has been published locally, nationally and internationally and I’ve enjoyed more than 20 different exhibitions and solo shows since founding. 


A steady stream of custom installations, the lifeblood of my business, have since been placed in Munich, Sydney, Park City, Aspen, New York City, Los Angeles, Sand Point, Vail and so, so many more places.


MY WORK | My work is influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Harring, Drew Struzan, Winslow Homer and Takashi Murakami. I work in a variety of visual styles across disciplines and media.


Beyond the act of creating art objects, I firmly believe the purpose of art is to provoke, challenge, and question. Art-making is a fundamental biological imperative, the result of which is no less than the advancement of human consciousness. My method is rigorous, disciplined, and philosophically inclined.


Artists are uniquely positioned to address, through the artmaking process, the most important moral and ethical dilemmas of our time.

MISSION AND CHARITABLE GIVING | I maintain a robust program of charitable donations.


I raise more than $100,000.00 in fundraising and philanthropic giving annually. As an independent businessperson and recovering addict, I focus on fundraising for substance abuse disorder initiatives, sustainability and the environment, and elevating the work of queer artists and queertrepreneurs.


Cultivating the next generation of queer talent is the most important aspect of my job. If your organization aligns with my interests, I encourage you to reach out via the contact form.   


METHOD | Powerful art provokes, challenges, and questions everything. That's what Art is War means.


My method is rigorous, disciplined, and philosophically inclined. Owners and collectors find new and interesting dialogues every time they view their piece and often comment on the transient nature of the forms, colors, and textures.

I welcome your commission inquiries and accept project proposals on a case by case basis.

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