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The SourCute™ Invasion!

You may notice The SourCute™ Invasion! is completely unlike my previous bodies of work. Welcome to the wild, slightly deranged, deeply irreverent world of SourCute. The trade name SourCute is an amalgam -- this body of work is, without a doubt, both SOUR and CUTE. 

SourCute is a noun, verb, adverb, and demonym. The SourCute are the brightly colored (often expired) denizens of the SourCute Universe -- a magical, slightly backwards place which is expanding rapidly. New SourCute arrive on Earth weekly.

SourCute is not a derivative of comic book art. It is likewise not graffiti art. It is SourCute. 

My hope is that, in the nausea-inducing color schemes and visually overwhelming explosion of objects and words, one may visually find themselves in the maelstrom we all carry around in our heads. SourCute is intentionally deranged.

The SourCute universe mirrors the profligate absurdity of the world we have created for ourselves. It is intentionally critical and confrontational.

The SourCute universe does not care about your feelings. Neither do I. After all, we cannot create anything without destroying something else first.

In this case, I believe only by breaking reality can we begin the process of fixing it.

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